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Our Partners

Corporate Social Responsibility


Room for more!

A CSR model that invests back into your own community 

Business is a key to unlocking the door to Social Inclusion for financial disadvantage youth.

  • A partnership with YOLO OPTIN can promote a business as community minded and socially responsible.

  • YOLO OPTIN can offer partner businesses the rights to use IP where appropriate.  

  • YOLO OPTIN publishes reports to partner businesses on their specific input, visits, visitor experience and value.

  • YOLO OPTIN creates positive promotional media value for your business to impact the community and encourage others to sign on for those who need it most!   

     So why not get in touch?

Our Ethics 

YOLO OPTIN exists to help build better communities by supporting kids falling through the safety nets.​ In fact we think we're creating new threading to that safety net, stairs down from the safety net and a walkway to an elevator on the launch platform. Therefore safe & ethical decision making, operations and partnerships are fundamental to our very existence. 

We partner with businesses who have strict safety guidelines for all activities and maintain a good safety record. Our management team attend each site and walk through operations with partner business management teams.  

We work with school teams to maintain student privacy and ensure that each activity is conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

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