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D i s r u p t     F i n a n c i a l    H a r d s h i p   For   Y o u t h

We #disrupt financial hardship for young Australian's 

Our approach targets inter-generational poverty by supporting young Australian's growing up in financial hardship by connecting them with regular positive, active, safe interactions and relationships within their communities.

We believe that positive life experience & inclusivity is fundamental to human learning, development & identity. It is necessary for each of us to have access to adventure, exhilaration & excitement as we grow into adults to support good decision making, develop social skills and make positive connections in the community.


1 in 6 Australian Children are growing up in Financial Hardship

On average that works out to be 4 kids in every class room. What is staggering, is that up until the end of 2019 Australia had 30 years of uninterrupted economic growth.


There is a growing body of evidence identifying how financial hardship effects kids negatively. These impacts effect how children interact with others, make decisions, trust and perceive the world in the years to come.


The Yolo Optin model identifies local local businesses as a key community asset that every community can apply to problems associated with growing up in financial hardship and inter-generational poverty. We know local businesses, like our schools have leaders, mentors and resources perfect for youth development.

Our connection promotes partner businesses as inspirational, exciting & community minded organizations and aims to demonstrate to other businesses by creating shared value we can solve complex problems.  

With your help we will disrupt financial hardship for kids everyday in our communities. 

You Only Live Once 



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